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From Date Night to Staycations - SWFL Has It All

Episode Summary

After planning and celebrating my wedding with 180+ people, Sofia and her husband just wanted to chill after it was all said and done! While we planned our epic honeymoon, filled out medical school application, and got our new home in order, the newlyweds did some super sweet staycation activities around town. From the heart of Sanibel down to Naples, there are endless things to do to keep you and your loved ones entertained.

Episode Notes

What is there to do in Southwest FL?

So much!

  1. Date Nights
    1. Deromos
    2. Dorona - Amazing Italian steakhouse!
    3. Roadhouse Cafe - Live Jazz Wednesday and Saturday nights; 6:30 to 9:30 pm
    4. London Club - Live Jazz, Amazing Burger and drinks
    5. Players Circle Theater - Plays, Jazz, country and comedy shows
    6. Broadway Palms Dinner Theater: Rock of Ages, The Wizard of OZ (till Aug 13), Broadway Palm through the decades (Aug 26-Oct 1). 
  2. Time with friends
    1. Naples Beach for the 4th! No better sunset.
    2. Boat trips out of Salty Sams and Sea and Sun Rentals
  3. Day Trips
    1. Fort Myers
      1. The Ford and Edison Estates
      2. The Burroughs Home
      3. Wisteria Tea Room
      4. Butterfly Gardens
    2. Sanibel & Captiva
      1. Sanibel Historic Center
      2. The Bubble Room
      3. Biking on Sanibel - Billy’s Bikes
      4. The Island Cow
  4. Other Adventures
    1. Wonder Gardens (Bonita)
    2. Seminal Mound House (Fort Myers): Key State Archaeological Park.
    3. Koreshan state park
  5. Staying Fit 
    1. X3 Performance and Physical Therapy
    2. Kayak
    3. Tennis
    4. Top Golf
    5. Pop Stroke