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From San Francisco to Sausalito - A Quick Getaway to California

Episode Summary

The beyond beautiful sights in San Francisco were nothing short of incredible and this city is completely deserving of holding a space on your bucket list. With only a 36 hour stay in San Francisco, it was our top priority to see as much as we possibly could while still enjoying the chill, laid back vibe that ensues the city. Tune in as we share the highlight of our time in San Francisco as we biked over the Golden Gate Bridge to view unforgettable sites and explored the quaint town of Sausalito.

Episode Notes

After planning of months, our Napa Valley trip was destined to begin in San Francisco. Flying from south Florida to California meant our flight options required a layover, so we chose to splurge to fly first class on American Airlines (AA). American Airlines seemed to have the best options to fly from Southwest Florida. After a pretty easy travel experience, thanks to TSA Pre-Check and Global Entry, we arrived at our hotel, the Marriott Fisherman’s Wharf which was just. short walk to all the action at the Fisherman’s Wharf and Pier 39.

Since we were staying for two nights, we stayed at the Marriott and used Bonvoy points, and enjoyed the Marriott accommodations like food/drink vouchers and credits. The next morning, we woke up early to walk around Pier 39 and had a quick bite to eat and drink at Biscoff Coffee Corner, which had the best White Chocolate Mocha EVER. Pier 39 was so much fun and worth seeing because they have Sea Lions there that you can’t miss. Especially during the summertime, this spot has tons of restaurants and entertainment for the whole family. After a morning exploring nearby, we headed off to Bay City Bikes where we booked a tour of the Golden Gate Bridge to a neighboring town called Sausalito. This was a guided tour on Electric Bikes that lasted about 3.5 hours before we were able to do our own thing and have options once we arrived in Sausalito. Our experienced tour guide from Bay City Bikes took us on bike paths through the city showcasing Fort Baker, views of Alcatraz Island, the passing of Ghirardelli Square, history of the city, and then we got to go over and UNDER the Golden Gate Bridge. That experience was somewhat wild - as it’s very narrow on the walking/biking path on the bridge, but the views were truly unmatched and the pictures will last a lifetime. 

Once we were done with the Golden Gate Bridge, we made our way down some winding paths to Sausalito. The town was lined with boat home communities, painted mailboxes, quaint coffee shops, chocolate stores on every corner, and the most delicious restaurant, Poggio. After biking around for a few hours, the tour ended in Sausalito and you could either bike back on your own through the city, continue on to Tribuon, return your bike there for a surcharge, and take the ferry back. The ferry cost $16 a person and would take you back to San Francisco with your bike, but we chose to return our bikes in town, find a fun spot for dinner, and Uber back to our hotel. Uber was readily available everywhere we went in the city, and seemed to be somewhat cost effective compared to renting a car and paying for parking. 

The beautiful thing about traveling is when your friends and family are all spread out and your travels allow you to connect with the ones you love most. Our second and final night in San Francisco was dedicated to getting together with my high school best friends who reside in Berkeley/ Oakland area. For seafood lovers and a more high end atmosphere with one of the best views in San Francisco, the Waterfront Restaurant was perfect for lovers, friends, and celebrations. We wrapped up our night there, and began preparing for the next 3 days in Napa Valley. Before getting picked up in the morning to begin our wine excursions, we ate at Boudin and had lunch for breakfast - chili and soup in bread bowls. Best meal of the trip. If our trip was extended, we would have loved to go to Chinatown to explore, get a tour of Alcatraz island, and actually stop at Ghirardelli Square. Also, there are tons of great museums to visit, such as the pop up immersive museum for Frida Kahlo

Enjoy your next trip to San Francisco and as always stay safe and share your favorite recommendations with the travel brats. Thank you for tuning in and stay connected for the ultimate guide to Napa Valley coming your way.