The Travel Brats

Hello, 2023, Season 3, and Your New Travel Brat Duo

Episode Summary

If you tuned to our Season 2 Finale, you know that the Travel Brats said goodbye to our darling Ashley. But a new year means new adventures, new goals, and NEW Travel Brats! As we kick off 2023 and Season 3, we welcome an original member but a new Travel Brat partner, Natalie Brouwer.

Episode Notes

Natalie is so excited to be joining the Travel Brats team! She was born in the Philippines to missionary parents but did most of her growing up in a small town in the North Carolina mountains called Black Mountain. As of just recently, she relocated to Fort Myers, FL! Natalie is a professional actor and singer and performs at regional theaters throughout the east coast. She has her BA in Theatre from Lee University and her MFA in Acting from UNC Greensboro. Her favorite things include time with family and friends, travel (duh!), the outdoors, singing/music, cats and babies, and an excellent homemade meal. 

As your new co-hosts, Nat and Sof can not wait to explore, share stories and build the best travel guides for your 2023 adventures. Let the "travel bratting" begin!

For more, head over to @thetravelbrats on IG for more Exploring Destinations.