The Travel Brats

How To Keep Your Cords Organized with CordBrick

Episode Summary

In this episode, the Travel Brats talk about the best travel gift on the "block" by interviewing the Founder and CEO of Cordbrick, Nick Barrett. Use our Travel Brats promo code "TRAVELBRATS" for 20% off. Stay tuned for our Friday giveaway!

Episode Notes

CordBrick is a NEW product designed to help you hate cords less and improve your daily charging experience! It solves multiple cord problems – at home and on the go. 

First, CordBrick is a weighted phone cord holder that keeps your phone charger within reach by your bedside or nightstand on a desk or countertop. Then, it solves an additional problem by significantly improving the process of traveling with cords. Just Snap-Wrap – Trap your cord on CordBrick, then release it to unwrap and untangle it instantly. CordBrick has no adhesive, is made of flexy, durable silicone, and is weighted with dense steel. CordBrick even stands your phone in a variety of positions – including most cases! 

Bottom line: CordBrick is your new forever cord management tool. It’s a multi-problem-solving reusable device that improves your experience with charger cords every day by reducing frustrations and preventing distractions, increasing your efficiency, and creating a new and better process of managing your most used cords. 

Find several colors of CordBrick (even glow-in-the-dark!) in select retail stores, on Amazon, and on!