The Travel Brats

Long Trails and Trials in Colorado, USA

Episode Summary

For all the ins and outs of hiking and exploring in Colorado, you'll want to tune in this exclusive episode. From the highest peaks to hot springs to a Sunday Funday Farmer's Market, you won't want to miss this must do itinerary for next time you're in or around Boulder, CO. Fun girl summer may be coming to an end, but the Travel Brats are in full-time travel mode this coming Fall.

Episode Notes

  1. Wednesday, August 24: Fly into Denver
    1. Dinner at Mountain Sun
  2. Thursday, Aug 25: Drive up to the Mountains
    1. Hike Mount Evans on the Way (Elevation: 14, 272 Ft) 
      1. Buy tickets ahead of time for a parking slot. 
      2. Different trails to wander around on. 
    2. Idaho Springs: Indian Hot Springs: Cave, pool, jacuzzi. Separate men's and women's clothing is optional. Degrees: 110 and 120. Normally 110-115.
  3. Eat at Kemosabe Silverheals (mochi, sushi, fried rice) 
  4. Friday, Aug 26: Dillon has a small but nice Farmer’s Market on Friday morning.
    1. Ptarmigan Mountain: Ptarmigan Peak is the highest summit of the South Williams Fork Mountains ranges in the Rocky Mountains of North America. The peak is north of Dillon, CO in the White River National Forest. 
      1. 6 hours
      2. 4.6 miles
      3. Elevation gain 3,098 Ft
      4. Rating: More Difficult
      5. Open Late June to Mid Sept
      6. Summit Hiker: Mary Ellen Gilliland
      7. Review of it.
    2. 16 Miles - lost
    3. Free music in Dillon; Docksiders 
    4. Pure Kitchen in Frisco: Tai Food.
  5. Saturday, Aug 27 Altitude Sickness: Occurs above 8,000 Ft, begins in 24 hours of being in new altitudes more than 2,500m above sea level.
    1. Symptoms: headache, feeling and being sick, throwing up, paleness, dizziness, tiredness, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, Delusion or deliriousness. The symptoms are usually worse at night. 
    2. Cures: Stop and rest where you are, do not get any higher for at least 24 to 48 hours, if you have a headache, take ibuprofen or paracetamol, if you feel sick, take an anti-sickness medicine, such as promethazine, make sure you're drinking enough water, rent oxygen, Go bellow 8,000 Ft ASAP.  Do not smoke, drink alcohol or exercise.
    3. Prescription medicines for Altitude sickness:
      1. Acetazolamide to prevent and treat high-altitude sickness. Acetazolamide can be used to reduce the severity of your symptoms, but it will not completely get rid of them.
  6. Sunday, August 28 
    1. CU Museum of Natural History
    2. Vegan Festival Dumplings
    3. Walked Pearl Street
      1. Ben and Jerries, Peppercorn, Where the Buffalo Roam.
  7. Monday, August 29
    1. Denver Art Museum Exhibits
      1. Georgia O’Keeffe photographer, Age of Armor, Carla Fernandez Casa de Moda etc.
    2. Immersive Experience at Lighthouse Art Space on King Tut, Pharoes of Egpyt. (C+) NOT WORK IT FOR $80). They also had Van Gough in the evening. 
    3. Dinner at Mazevo (Greek Food) Lamb Kabobs.  Technically in Edgewater, but more upscale area. It’s a great date night spot with great Mediterranean food.
    4. Other places to eat around Denver (Cute fun date night or family spots)
      1. Avanti or Happy Camper - in the highlands is the hip/young spot. You can pretty much get whatever you want there.
      2. Tupelo Honey - heart of downtown. They have good southern food.
      3. Adelitas - that Mexican restaurant we took you to before.
  8. Other Hikes to Do in Boulder
    1. Dowdy Draw, Marshall Mesa, Heil Ranch, Hall Ranch-Boulder.
    2. Eldorado Springs-State Park-in south Boulder.
    3. Button Rock-near Lyons.