The Travel Brats

The Spirit Debacle in Costa Rica With Tears, Lost Luggage, and Casino Money

Episode Summary

When the flight attendants make the announcement that they need 60 volunteers to get off the plane because of the windy flying conditions, a rational person would say YES that’s me - let me off. I am not taking any chances, especially since Spirit said they would give us a free room for the night, fly out at the same time next day, a food stipend, and a $250 flight voucher. After making the decision to get off the flight, it took 6 hours before we could get through to get our vouchers and go back through customers - only to find out my suitcase with EVERYTHING in it was sent with the flight to Fort Lauderdale. Tune in to hear how Ashley and her favorite partner, Jon, made the most of the chaotic scene while enjoying a quick hour in a casino and strawberry margaritas. What’s your craziest travel story? Have you ever had issues flying a low-cost airline? Also, can you believe Frontier and Spirit merged?

Episode Notes

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