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The Ultimate Guide to Tulum, Mexico

Episode Summary

When traveling near and far, Tulum, MX has rightfully earned the title of one of my favorite places. Filled with exclusivity, night time affairs, history, art, beaches, and endless happy hours, Tulum checked all the boxes when it came to adventuring. Known for its Mayan Ruins and exclusive offerings, this Mexican getaway is on the pricer end, but creates memories that will last a lifetime. Tune in for Ashley and her partner, Jon, to share best places to stay, eat at, and explore in Tulum, MX.

Episode Notes

Where to Stay 

Naay Curamoria Tulum Hotel Caruma - went through, but also can book directly through them. Their suite style room was perfect and we stayed there comfortably for 3 nights and 4 days. There is a spa style bathroom shower, but the best part had to be how kind the entire staff was and the rooftop bar and pool. If you’ve been researching where to stay in Tulum, this location was so centralized that we were able to walk around and only take a scooter when we needed to go a little further. 

How To Get Around 

Transport STP - Caribe set up through Naay around $280 round trip plus tip but felt secure and I liked that it was partnered with the hotel for security purposes and they were highly rated. 

Ask right away if you can rent a scooter with them, it was $39 a day and we only got one because I don’t necessarily like driving unless I have to. Some roads were busier than others, but we stayed super close to everything we went to and felt relatively safe driving those short distances plus it was so easy to park ANYWHERE. There’s also IBike, which is a reputable place to rent from. I have friends who did rent a car there and I think it wouldn’t take too much skill to drive. It just might be inconvenient to find parking safely for that car everywhere you go. 

Places to Eat -

Taboo Tulum - $$$$ but you have to go especially if you are celebrating something. It was a full moon when we went & after a delicious dinner, we walked the beach and found swings and literally had the time of our lives. 

Pink Lobster Tulum 

Playa Paraiso Beach Club on the beach, perfect for a quick bite/ area to hang out

Ahau Tulum Sculpture Park Tempts Visitors To Tulum

Named a haven for wellness and relaxation 

Raw Love Cafe for Coffee ABSOLUTELY LOVED THEIR COFFEE and shopping if you want something unique and have enough space in your luggage. 

Bonita Burger Tulum - AMAZING for brunch/lunch


Tulum Archaeological Zone for Mayan Ruins 

Mystika Immersive Museum

Go to at least one Cenotes while you are there. A very small and simple one we went to was 

Tripadvisor and Viator were great resources when planning excursions, but most of them were all day excursions and our short trip didn’t allow us to capitalize on that. Tulum is about 2 hours from Chichen Itza, a modern world wonder, and staying in Tulum might be the perfect time to make the trek across the country to see the wonder.