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The Unforgettable Travels to Kick Off The New Year

Episode Summary

There’s a lot to be excited about in this new year - especially in regards to the Travel Brats Podcast. Let’s recap all the wonderful travels and episodes we enjoyed in 2021 beginning with our most popular and beloved ones. From the jungles of Puerto Rico to World Wonders down in South America, we’ve grown by gaining confidence and developing into our best selves. What was your favorite episode in 2021-2020? Here are some that had the most downloads!

Episode Notes

5 Birthday Travel Destinations Episode - Listen here. 

Puerto Rico & El Yunque Rainforest Episode - Listen here

Key Largo Episode - Listen here

Best Travel Snacks - Listen here

The Ultimate EDM Playlist - Listen here

Asheville Travel Itinerary - Listen here

Nashville Must-Dos - Listen here

Fort Myers, FL Travel Guide - Listen here.

Storytelling for 4th of July in Colorado - Listen here.

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