The Travel Brats

The Travel Brats Say Goodbye to Traveling with Ash

Episode Summary

In this 2022 and season 2 episode finale, the Travel Brats say goodbye to our most beloved Co-Founder and Co-Host; the one and only thoughtful blonde, and travelista, Ashley DeBoer. Ashley says a few final words, and we wish her the best of luck in her next chapter.

Episode Notes

Ashley’s message to the Travel Brats listeners and supporters: 

"The love I have for this chapter in my life is immense, but if I’ve learned anything, it is the importance and value of living your truth no matter how hard it may be. As I go into the next seasons of my life, I am proud to have Sofia take the reins of Travel Brats for her to craft it into her vision with me as her number one fan. I will always love the memories we made at the studios and the long days of traveling and creating content for the Travel Brats. Traveling remains a top priority of mine while working and going to school, and my creative journey is going to look a little different now. I thank all my Travel Brats for listening to me over the years - overcoming my insecurities and growing into who I am today. As always, I love Sofia and I love all the support we’ve received together. I now celebrate this new season of Travel Brats and your favorite blondie and brunette collaborate together and grow independently. This will be my last episode as co-host for The Travel Brats, but I promise you, I’ll be back as your favorite guest. 

Growth looks different for everyone, and choosing what sets your heart on fire and inspires you is so important. Some chapters come to end and I implore you to follow your heart in all your endeavors."